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Workforce Gaps

Current Workforce Gaps Research

The 2024/2025 Workforce Gaps research will be an engagement and data-driven project to identify unique barriers faced by under-represented demographic groups, particularly people with disabilities and immigrants, in the Chatham-Kent labour force. The goal is to build an understanding of existing labour pools and local skillsets that are either under-employed or not currently participating in the local labour market and to provide recommendations to enhance equitable employment outcomes in Chatham-Kent. This research will be released in February 2025.

Previous Workforce Gaps Research

2023/2024: International Student Talent in Chatham-Kent

  • International Student Talent Report - English
  • International Student Talent Infographic - English
  • International Student Talent Report - French
  • International Student Talent infographic - French

2022/2023: Ensuring a Strong Talent Pipeline to Meet Workforce Demand in Chatham-Kent

  • Ensuring a Strong Talent Pipeline Report - English
  • Ensuring a Strong Talent Pipeline Infographic - English
  • Ensuring a Strong Talent Pipeline Report - French
  • Ensuring a Strong Talent Pipeline Infographic - French

2021/2022: Understanding Workforce Attraction and Retention Characteristics 

  • Understanding Workforce Attraction and Retention Report - English

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